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ODALI & KATHY BARROS—PRAISE GOD for how He is using Mr. Levi! PRAISE GOD for the church in the middle of the river and how He has blessed that community! PRAY for the upcoming evangelistic conference.

MIKE AND BEVERLY CREIGLOW—PRAISE GOD for how He is working in the Foz do Breu/Peruvian region. PRAISE GOD for the large crowds and for bringing the army and local police department in for a service! PRAY concerning the motor that needs to be replaced.

JOHN MARK AND JUDY HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for how He is using Abigail! PRAY for the high schoolers she is witnessing to. PRAY for the visitors from L’Union. PRAY for Blandine.

JUD AND RAQUEL HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for how He has worked in the children’s schooling! PRAISE GOD for the conference in Marília! PRAY as they wait on the Lord about a place to lease for their church gatherings.

AJ AND BARBARA HENSLEY—PRAISE GOD for the pastors and workers who will be coming to the seminary classes! PRAY for Michael who will be translating for the first time. PRAY for this year’s professors as they travel and minister.

NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORD—PRAISE GOD for Emmanuel sharing the Word of God with others! PRAY that the Lord would raise up other Kenyan men like him.

ROGER AND JULIE TATE—PRAISE GOD for those who are coming to hear Biblical teaching from Colossians! PRAY for the three men Roger invited to the Chapel.

BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASER—PRAISE GOD for the doors He has opened through the English classes! PRAY for Athanasios. PRAISE GOD for the man who was recently saved!

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"As the Father has sent Me, so I send you."

- John 20:21

Barbara Hensley Story

I was born in Owsley County, Kentucky to Hubert and Reba Baker. I grew up in a Christian home. Before we had a car we would pay a taxi to take us to Church, but because we could only afford a taxi once, we would walk back home. That walk was about seven miles. At this time I was small, so my dad would carry me on his shoulders and my mom would lead my sister Ada Marie. It was after this period of my life that my dad was called to be a Pastor. We lived in the Appalachia where almost all of the homes had no indoor pluming and their potties were on the outside. We were no different from those homes. As we grew my dad opened many mission points and we, as a family, helped him in those works. Our week was very busy as we were were in Church 4 times on Sunday and every night of the week except for Monday night. In these times most of the people did not have transportation. We would pick them up and take them to the services. We were blessed with an old panel truck and dad had made benches in the back. That way we could take lots of people.This truck was always full to the brim. Our home was always open to visitors and sister and I were always giving our bed to visitors. Mom could whip up a meal in a little time and she could take the little that we had to make it stretch to fit the numbers.

When I was 9 years dad accepted a Church in Owensboro. It was there that I accepted Christ as my Savior.We only stayed there for two years and then moved back to Booneville,Ky. Back in Booneville we continued the work that we had been doing before. I remember on Sundays we did not even have time for lunch as we did a relay getting to each of the mission points. We would have Sunday School at Elk Lick Baptist Church then dad would take mom me and my sister to the first mission where we would have Sunday School and dad would go preach at the other mission then he would come preach at the mission point where we had just done Sunday School and then we would go back to the main Church for night services.

I met Aj when I was in my junior year of high school. We dated for 2 years and married in 1966. It was not til 1996 that Aj surrendered to be a missionary and Baptist Faith Missions sent us to Brazil. Many people ask me when I received my call to become a missionary and I tell them that it was when I was born. Because you see God knew my life and knew each step that I would take and He knew that he had prepared Alex Hensley to be my husband and He knew that Aj would become a missionary. He prepared me from birth with each and every thing that I was doing with my parents because He knew that I would go through all these same things in Brazil.

At one of the Churches that we were visiting these past weeks I had a pastor ask me to forgive him and I said that I would but would he please tell me why. He said that when Aj came before BFM to be sent out he had told someone that we would not last on the field. The reason he gave for his opinion was that I would not make it on the mission field. He did not know of the rigorous training that I had went through to get me where God wanted me to be.

The one thing that I know is that God equips those that He calls. And here we are 16 years later and still going strong in Brazil. To God be the glory.

Monday - October 14, 2019
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